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Ford End Recreation Ground

Consultation with Ford End residents on the Ford End Recreation Ground

(reproduced from the parish council noticeboard)

 On the 15th March 2020, Great Waltham Parish Council held a consultation session at the village hall where they asked Ford End residents what changes or improvements they would like to see at the village recreation ground. They received 12 responses in total, 5 of which were via email. The feedback received provided valuable information that will help the Parish Council plan improvements. Subject to funding and Parish Council approval the intention is to make the facility more usable and accessible over the coming years.

 The results from the consultation can be summarised as follows:

 Nobody wanted to lose a large amount of the field to trees

  • Over the years we have lost the use of the village green so the space is required for village events
  • A need for dog & child friendly facility
  • Only 1 resident was completely against any trees being planted on the field
  • Most people liked the idea of some trees being planted at the top of the field, may be a small woodland walk
  • Most people liked the idea of a path around the perimeter of the trees
  • Some wanted the condition of the field improved – drainage – aeration etc as it unusable for some of the year
  • Addition of a boot scraper near the entrance / exit
  • Most people thought seating/picnic tables at that end of the field would be good
  • More equipment for children of all ages

 Vision Statement

Walking into the field at the top of the car park there should be a multi-use games area (MUGA) type facility or outdoor fitness equipment where the field steps back behind the wooded/container area. A path will lead to a semi-circle shape of trees at the top of the field with either a covered shelter or picnic tables in the centre. The path continuing along the far side down to the children’s play area.  Possibly one or two seats along the pathway.

 We would also look to include some maintenance of the existing open areas, to include aeration/drainage as required in the form of verti draining and weed and feed as required.

 The proposal will need to be considered in phases, over a number of years (subject to funding).

Please see the diagram highlighting the suggested improvements.

If you would like to comment on the proposals please contact either of your Ford End councillors – Gary Dunn 07525 594081 or Alan Martin 07917037570

2 comments on “Ford End Recreation Ground

  1. Francesca Bradford
    October 27, 2020

    I think that there should also be picnic benches near the play area as well for the parents accompanying the kids. With only 2 benches available this is not really enough seating.

    I’m a dog owner & parent and I would like to see the kids area fenced off to prevent dog mess from those who fail to pick up like they do in great Waltham.

    I also feel the current fence around the field is inadequate. Rather than keep repairing something that keeps getting broken again I think the stock fencing that is used around the car park would be more suitable. The kids that keep breaking the fence to get into the fields will then just climb over it rather than break it meaning it is still secure for those with small children & dogs. I’d rather a secure safe park space than have loads of trees that will cost more in the future to maintain.


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