Ford End, Essex

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Contribute to this site!


This site is run by Ford End residents for Ford End residents.

If you would like to leave a comment on any of the articles on this site, please do! All comments are moderated so your comment will not appear immediately.

If you would like to submit something for this site, please read this first:

1. Items that can be submitted include:

  • News about upcoming events in the village, such as community garage sales, bell ringing contests, the Ford End Foodie, village New Years Eve parties, special Church Services, etc.
  • Features on Ford end businesses
  • Newsworthy information about residents
  • Photos from in and around Ford End
  • Information about progress on the Traffic Safety campaign for the B1008
  • Information about planting schemes, litter picking or other work to keep the village looking at its best!
  • Anything else that may be relevant to Ford End residents

2. If you are submitting copy, please do not submit copy of more than 700 words.

3. By submitting copy you are agreeing to submit to editorial control by the site’s administrators and acknowledge that submission does not guarantee publication.

4. If you are submitting any photos please also include the name of the photographer and make sure you have permission to use the photo.

5. One post per day maximum will be published.

6. If you would like your email to be published please note that it will be typed without the @ sign in order to protect you from internet spammers (see email address in point 7 as an example).

7. Send all submissions to editor (AT) fordendessex (DOT) com

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